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What We Do

Sky Products is and continues to be the largest stocking distributor of S-5!® products in Canada since our initial order back in 2010. Sky Products has evolved into a single source company that can assist clients with snow retention, solar and other ancillary products for various types of roofing. Our consultative approach removes the unnecessary “high pressure sales tactics” taken by some companies to simply close the deal.

What We Offer
  • Snow retention/snow guard layout design recommendations based on actual load tests performed on 100’s of metal roof profiles

  • Recommendation of product selection – not necessarily the most expensive option

  • Stamped Engineered drawings and details

  • Powder Coating

  • Product development

Our head office, warehouse and manufacturing facility is located at 2 Chisholm Court in Ajax, Ontario Canada.

Welcome to Sky Products
Who We Are
Sky Products is an Ontario based company that specializes in standard or customized solutions for attaching snow guards, solar panels, rooftop lighting, signs, HVAC units and walkways, to standing seam metal roofs. We have the products and solutions. Whether it’s a standard off-the-shelf or a custom solution, we have you covered. Our products are proudly manufactured and designed here in Canada.
Roof Equipment Specialists
Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we help
our customers with standard or customized solutions

Our Products

Snow Retention
S-5! Clamps
Metal Plus Brackets
DEK Flashing
OMG Roofing Products
dowd roofing


The Best Technology

Sky Products has provided solutions for 100’s of Snow Retention and Solar projects across Canada.


Saskatchewan Transportation Company
Saskatchewan, Canada
Calgary Olympic Development Association
Alberta, Canada

Dorchester Prison New Brunswick
Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada

Stony Mountain Correctional Facility
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CFB Comox
British Columbia, Canada

Calgary 69th street LRT
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Tecumseh Arena
Ontario, Canada

Tanger Outlet Center Riverhead
New York


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    Metal Roofs and Cold Climates – What you need to know

    Metal roofs have long been considered a product of choice for snow areas because of their superior response and tolerance to many of the characteristics of these environments. This technical bulletin will provide the designer with the information required to … Read More »


2 Chisholm Court, Ajax, Ontario, Canada, L1S 4N8

Phone: 1.855.888.6869
Ontario: 1.647.932.5606
Alberta: 1.403.800.6290
British Columbia: 1.604-670-6393
Fax: 1.905.686.7146

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